Learning Diversity and Inclusion Team

Learning Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator

Kathryn Ryder

Kathryn Ryder

Ms Kathryn graduated in French and German from the University of Exeter in 2001 and taught English abroad until 2004.  After a break from teaching to explore other areas, she returned to education in 2010 to start an MA in Special Educational Needs/Dyslexia while supporting children who needed extra help during and after school.  Ms Kathryn joined BIS in September 2020. She is passionate about giving every child the chance to succeed at whatever they want to do in life and is happy to have found a position at BIS which will enable her to do this.

School Counselor

Ali Savidge

Alexandra “Ali” Savidge

Ms Ali graduated from Florida State University with a Master’s degree in Social Work with a special focus on clinical practice, play therapy, and expressive arts therapy. Ms Ali is licensed in the USA for clinical social work and has 15 years experience providing psychosocial counseling to children and families. She has worked in nonprofit health clinics, as well as in schools and private practice, including a year volunteering with orphaned youth in Nepal. Ali is child-centered in her engagement with children, school teams, and parents in the counseling process.  Ali is also a yoga instructor and practitioner and enjoys incorporating relaxation exercises in her work with children and adults.

Head of Student Welfare


Darren Simpson

Mr Darren has a teaching qualification and Master’s Degree in education policy from the University of Glasgow. He joined BIS in August 2019 following teaching in the UK and South Korea and three years at Wellington College, Shanghai, where he led the history department and worked in student welfare roles. Mr Darren is also the Head of the Individuals and Societies Department at BIS and History Teacher, and is Designated Safeguarding Lead at BIS


Inclusive Education Support and ELA Teacher


Kyzjibek Tekenova

Ms Kyzjibek graduated from the Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University and has a Diploma in Theory and Practice of Translation. She taught English before joining BIS in August 2017 as a Co-Teacher. In August 2018, Ms Kyzjibek moved to the position of Primary 2 Co-Teacher, and is moves to  the role of Inclusive Education Support and ELA Teacher from August 2020 based on her interest in, and commitment to, this area of work. Ms Kyzjibek is also currently studying a Masters in Special Additional Learning Needs University of East London, UK, via remote learning. 

Inclusive Education Support and ELA Teacher


Altynai Isabekova

Ms Altynai has a Bachelor’s degree in Pedagogy from the International University of Central Asia. She has 5 years’ teaching experience. Before joining BIS she worked with children in Kyrgyzstan and Vietnam. She believes that early development is very important and has significant influence to children’s future life. Ms Altynai joined BIS as an ELA Teacher in January 2020 and moves into a new role as Inclusive Education Support and ELA Teacher in August 2020.

Learning Diversity & Inclusion, and Language Acquisition Assistant

Aikel BIS 2020-21

Aikel Tashtanbaeva

Ms Aikel has a degree in English Language and Literature from the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University and a Master’s degree in Linguistics from the Social Sciences Institution in Kyrgyz Turkish Manas University. Previously, she has worked in the Bishkek Turkish Secondary School as an ESL teacher, as well as in private language schools and courses. For her “Teaching is learning twice”, as she believes that children are the ones from whom adults should always learn to love and be happy. Ms Aikel joined BIS in November, 2020.