Primary 6 Trip to Ala-Archa

“I liked the trip to Ala-Archa, it was fun. We hiked, we talked and we did math and UOI. We played games and ran around. When we came I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was so AMAZING. I wished we could have stayed longer. We found ice up there, ICE! When we were hiking, I was talking with my friends and they told me so many fun stories about AlaArcha. We laughed about those fun stories. I wish I could go back there; everyone should at least go once I mean, it was beautiful! When Ms Rebecca told us we were going to go I was not that exited, but after that I always will be.” Matilda, Primary 6 Student

“It was a nice day outside, birds were singing, flowers were blooming. On this day, we went on a trip to AlaArcha, finally, we found our class offline. The long way to Ala-Archa was totally worth it. The golden sun was nice. With the fresh air, you don’t want to get the mask on. The clean river – as transparent as glass. We went hiking up the mountain. We found a spot to get started with the class. We did math … we played a cool game. Later we did Unit of Inquiry, we ‘built’ a human body system. Then lunch and break and a lot of different stuff. Then we found the river, I could not stop looking at it. Finally, we went back to the bus. Abai, Primary 6 Student


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