Specialist Teaching Team

Head of Computer Science & Design

Thierry Taberna
Mr Thierry has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Nantes, a Master’s Degree in Computing from the University of Toulouse and a Degree of Teaching French as a Second Language (DAEFLE). He has previously worked as a software engineer and software developer in various companies in France. Mr Thierry joined BIS in August 2015 and has been very effective in inspiring a wide range of students to improve their computer science and design skills and in guiding students through their graduating year.

Head of Science; Physics, Science and Math Teacher

Alisher Arstanbek
Mr Alisher has a Degree in Engineering from the Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University (KRSU) and has teaching and research experience at several educational institutions. He is currently working on his dissertation for postgraduate studies in Engineering at KRSU while he works full time at BIS. He enjoys teaching and helping students discover their abilities and talents. Mr Alisher joined BIS in 2016 and teaches Physics, Science and Mathematics in middle and high school. 

Biology & Science Teacher

Pamela Reed
Ms Pamela has a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Georgia State University. Her undergraduate research focus was primarily related to medical anthropology with a special interest in cancer cell biology and public health accessibility in the United States. She has many cultural interests and spent some time in Taiwan in 2013, where she served as an academic ambassador at China Medical University in Taichung. She has been teaching both Biology and Chemistry for four years in the Texas education system. Ms. Pamela joined BIS in August 2020.

Chemistry & Science Teacher

Soumiya Srinivasan
Ms Soumiya has studied in India and Singapore and has obtained Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology, Genetics and Chemistry and two Master’s Degrees in Biochemistry. She has research experience and has worked for several years as a technical support and marketing specialist for researchers in Singapore. Ms Soumiya joined BIS in August 2020.

Science Laboratory Technician & Science Teacher

Zhandos Bocholoev
Mr Zhandos graduated with a Masters in Food Technology from Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University, and has work experience in both Turkey and the Kyrgyz Republic, including laboratory experience with food companies. He joined BIS in August 2019.

Head of Math; Math Teacher

Adelia Kadyralieva
Ms Adelia graduated from the American University of Central Asia with a degree in Applied Mathematics and Informatics and a minor in Software Engineering. During her studies, she completed two academic exchange programs in the USA, worked as an English language and Math tutor, taught programming skills to teenagers and prepared high school graduates for the Republican Test. Ms Adelia joined the BIS team in July 2018, and was appointed Head of Math Department in summer 2019.

Math & DP Theory of Knowledge Teacher

Toon Cavens
Mr Cavens is originally from Belgium, where he studied Mathematics and Economics. He has also studied Philosophy in Paris, and English Literature in London. He joined BIS in August 2016 to teach Mathematics and Theory of Knowledge. Mr Cavens hopes to instill in his students a life-long passion for learning, and to help them to develop their own ideas. 

Math and Economics Teacher

Azamat Kasymov
Mr Azamat has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the American University of Central Asia (AUCA), where he also taught undergraduate level mathematics. He is a part-time research assistant at AUCA and has helped to write several mathematics textbooks for primary through to university level mathematics. Mr Azamat enjoys teaching mathematics at BIS with a special focus on our more advanced students. Mr Azamat is also currently completing his PhD in Economics.

Math, Economics and DP Theory of Knowledge Teacher

Kevin Morice
Mr Kevin is Irish and a mathematics teacher by passion. He studied in France for an undergraduate programme in Maths before pursuing in Applied Statistics. He also holds degrees in Economics and Sociology, and has been teaching mathematics for 5 years. After living in Ireland, France and Germany, Mr Kevin moved to Ulaanbaatar in late 2016  to teach IB Further Maths at the ESM International School, and was smitten by the open ranges of Central Asia. At the weekend he delights in horse riding, with or without a saddle. In 2020, Mr Kevin is thrilled to join BIS and impart his zeal for mathematics to his new students, as well as his taste for puzzles – how does one cut a lepyoshka into 7 slices with 3 straight cuts?

Makerspace Manager; Math & Design Teacher

Reza Danaei
Mr Reza is originally from Iran. He graduated from the Charles Molnar University in Malaysia with a degree in Electronics Engineering at the Charles Molnar University in Malaysia, and worked in an electronics and physics lab at the APIIT University in Kuala-Lumpar after graduation. In recent years he has worked as an English language tutor in different language schools and international schools, though his passion has always been in math and applied sciences. He loves to encourage students to research, question the world around them, explore their environment, come up with ideas and solutions, and find answers of their own. Mr Reza joined BIS in August 2020.

MYP Coordinator, Math and Spanish Language Acquisition Teacher, Extended Essay Coordinator

Tim Johnson
Mr Tim has a first-class honours degree in Modern Languages from the University of Oxford, and is a qualified teacher (University of Newcastle) with a Master’s in Education from the University of Leeds. His work experience covers both NGO leadership and teaching in Austria, Portugal and the UK. Tim joined BIS in August 2019. He is MYP Coordinator, as well as teaching some Math and Spanish in MYP. He is also Extended Essay Coordinator for the IB Diploma Programme.

Head of Individuals & Societies Department; History Teacher

Darren Simpson

Mr Darren has a teaching qualification and Master’s Degree in education policy from the University of Glasgow. He joined BIS in August 2019 following teaching in the UK and South Korea and three years at Wellington College, Shanghai, where he led the history department and worked in student welfare roles. Mr Darren is also Head of Student Welfare and Designated Safeguarding Lead at BIS.

Individuals & Societies and History Teacher

Claire Berger
Ms Claire graduated with a Master of Arts in International Affairs from Texas A&M University. She worked in the private and non-profit sectors before earning a social studies teaching license. She has previously taught in South Korea, Washington, and Texas. Ms Claire joined the BIS community in August 2020.

Geography Teacher; DP CAS Coordinator

Andrew Wheeler

Mr Andrew has a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, Cross-Cultural Studies, and Peace Studies from Whitworth University, Washington State. Before joining the BIS team in August 2018, he served for two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer teaching English as a Foreign Language in Naryn, Kyrgyzstan. As well as teaching Geography and being CAS Coordinator, Mr Wheeler also leads Model UN and leads the annual international educational visit for students.

Economics & Business Studies Teacher

Jacques Prinsloo
Mr Jacques has a PGCE in Secondary teaching from the University of South Africa, a Diploma in Investment Management from the University of South Africa, a Bachelors in Economics from the University of Pretoria, a Diploma in teaching English as an Additional Language and is currently completing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Illinois. Mr Jacques taught EAL in South Korea for several years before joining BIS in August 2017. Mr Jacques is also Assistant Head of School and IGCSE Coordinator.

Individuals & Societies Teacher

Olen King
Mr Olen graduated from Hastings College, Nebraska, with a B.A. in Secondary Education, Language Arts. A desire to learn Russian led him to a semester abroad in Pyatigorsk, Russia. After graduating, he taught English in the Republic of Georgia and southern Russia, while also getting a certification in TEFL. He then spent 6 years teaching in an international school in Khartoum, Sudan. He enjoys being active in school activities, including the arts. A passion for sports, particularly basketball and track/running, are personal interests, along with coaching sports.

Head of Performing Arts; Music Teacher

Grant Chamberlain

Mr Grant has a Master’s Degree in Music from the Australian National University (ANU) and Graduate Diploma of Education from the University of New England (UNE). He has been teaching music for over 20 years in Australia, the West Bank, Washington DC, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tanzania, Vietnam and Ethiopia, including substantive experience teaching music in the Primary Years Programme and Middle Years Programme. Mr. Grant joined BIS in August 2019 and is keen to develop all aspects of music performance for students from Preschool to IB Diploma graduates.

Music & Drama Teacher

David Lien
Mr David has a BA in Music Composition from The New England Conservatory of Music and an MA in Theatre Education from Emerson College. He most recently taught Music and Theatre at a Public Middle School in Massachusetts. He has been involved in a variety of music and theatre projects in the Boston and Seattle area (where he is originally from). Mr David joined BIS in August 2020.

Music Teacher

Munara K
Munara Korpotaeva

Ms Munara graduated from Kyrgyz National Conservatory as a pianist. In 2015 she finished her postgraduate studies in the class of Professor Tsokurenko. Currently she is also working in the Conservatory at the “solo singing” department.  She is the prize winner of national competitions and the scholarship holder of the KR President’s scholarship “Altyn Shaty”. Ms Munara joined BIS in October 2019.

Head of Visual Arts; Art & Design Teacher

Dr Anna
Anna Phillips
Dr Anna has over twenty-five years teaching experience in both international and Australian schools, and a PhD from the University of Tasmania. She is a practicing artist and has exhibited her work in Germany, South Korea, and Australia. Dr Anna believes in student centered and enquiry-based learning, and is certain that making art assists students in the problem-solving process and encourages them to gain confidence and imaginative thinking while learning new skills.  She is ready to work with all students and colleagues on a diverse range of topics related to teaching methodologies, art history, practical art-making skills and social and emotional learning. Dr Anna joined BIS in 2019.

Art & Host Country Studies Teacher

anna B
Anna Balduk

Ms Anna studied at the Children’s Art School and graduated from the Kyrgyz State Art School in 1991 with a degree in Teaching Art. She has over 20 years’ experience in teaching art to children of various ages and has encouraged wonderful art and built theatre stage sets as part of the BIS team since 2013.

Head of Physical Education; Athletics Director

Zeljko Jovetic
Mr Zeljko graduated with a Bachelors degree in Physical Education and Sport from the University of Belgrade, and a Masters degree in Physical Education from University of Novi Sad, Serbia. He has worked as PE teacher and coach in schools and sports clubs in Serbia before working in athletics and PE teaching in an international school in the United Arab Emirates. He has school teaching licenses from both the Serbian and UAE ministries of education and is also a licensed basketball and swimming coach. Mr Zeljko joined the BIS team in August 2019.

PE Teacher

Slava Klychev
Mr Slava graduated from Kyrgyz State Technical University and has several years’ experience in sports teaching, with a particular focus on swimming and table tennis. Mr Slava joined BIS in August 2018.

PE Teacher; English Language Acquisition and Inclusive Education Support

Faez Kanji
Mr Faez is the creator of Hockey Jam Sessions, an international ice hockey and floorball school promoting skills development and social emotional resilience in challenging circumstances. He has worked with children in North America, Europe and Central Asia through his Hockey Jam Sessions program. Mr Faez has a degree from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Mr Faez joined BIS in January 2020.

Dance & PE Teacher

Aliman Madylbekova
Ms Aliman graduated from the Bishkek Choreographic school and American University in Central Asia majoring in European Studies. Before joining BIS in August 2020, Ms Aliman worked in the event-theater ‘Mirrors’ and in kindergarten as an English teacher.

Head of English Department; English Language & Literature Teacher

Allison “Sunny” Stimmler
Ms Sunny has taught high school and university literature and writing classes for the last 17 years in the US, Bosnia, Japan, Serbia, Turkmenistan, and Bulgaria. She holds a MA in Education from Columbia University and has served on two international school boards, taught public writing workshops, and mentored independent writers all over the world. Ms Sunny has a daughter at BIS and has been Head of English Department from August 2019.

English Language & Literature Teacher

Grace Park 
Ms Grace has a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education and English from Gordon College, Wenham, Massachusetts, USA, and teaching experience in both the USA and Kyrgyzstan. Ms Grace joined BIS in August 2017. Ms Grace teaches English Language & Literature in both the MYP and IGCSE programs.

English Language & Literature Teacher; DP Theory of Knowledge Teacher

Jan Scott

Mr Jan has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Russian from the University of Florida and also brings his experience of successfully completing the IB Diploma Programme at a public school in the US. He joined BIS in August 2018 following teaching work in Kyrgyz universities and language schools. Mr Jan teaches English in both the Cambridge IGCSE programme and IB Diploma Programme.

English & English Language Acquisition Teacher

Amith Ravindar

Mr Amith grew up in the United States but graduated high school in Singapore. He went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and International Studies from the University of Miami, Florida. He is a licensed teacher in the United States and holds a Cambridge qualification in teaching English. Mr Amith has teaching experience at schools and universities in Vietnam where he taught English as a Foreign Language and Academic English courses. In his free time, he enjoys learning languages, traveling, and reading about current events. Mr Amith joined BIS in August 2020

English & English Language Acquisition Teacher

Tom Clifton

Mr Tom has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Queen Mary University in London, as well as a Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. He has worked in language schools and universities in countries such as Spain and Iraq, as well as 2 years working in the Kyrgyz Republic. Outside of the classroom, Mr Tom enjoys travelling around the region and documenting Kyrgyzstan through photography. He joined BIS in August 2020. 

Head of Language Acquisition; Spanish Language Teacher

Esther Johnson

Ms Esther graduated with an Honors degree in Russian Studies with French and Spanish from the University of Leeds. She worked for four years at the University of Leeds promoting the study of languages throughout the UK, and has worked as an ELA teacher as well as advising on the reformed Russian GCSE and A-level qualifications in 2016. She trained as a languages teacher in the UK and taught Spanish and French in primary and middle school. Ms Esther joined BIS in August 2019.

French & Russian Language Acquisition Teacher

Lailo Youssoup-Akhounova

Ms Lailo joined BIS as a French language teacher in 2016. She has extensive experience teaching both French and Russian languages, including at local universities, the Alliance Française and Embassies. She graduated in 1984 from the Kyrgyz National University. In addition to teaching, Ms Lailo is a professional translator.

French Language Acquisition Teacher

Nurzhamal Alymova

Ms Nurzhamal graduated from the French Department of foreign languages at the Kyrgyz National University. Since graduating with a Master’s Degree, she has worked as a French teacher at the National University, with Alliance Française and with international organizations. Ms Nurzhamal joined BIS in October 2019.

Spanish, French and Russian Language Acquisition Teacher

Adel Antheunissens
Ms Adel has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Saint-Louis University, Belgium and is currently completing a degree in International and Comparative Politics at the American University of Central Asia. Prior to university she attended French schools in Uzbekistan and Belgium. Ms Adel speaks six languages and will be joining the BIS team in August 2020 as a Spanish, French and Russian Language Acquisition Teacher. 

Spanish Language Acquisition Teacher

Krisha Ghandi

Ms Krisha graduated with a first-class degree from University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) where she studied Mandarin and History. She is a qualified Primary Teacher (PGCE) with teaching experience in the UK and China. Ms Krisha gained her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Policy from University of Warwick. Ms Krisha lived in Spain during her schooldays and has advanced Spanish language skills. Ms Krisha is also overall the Director of Studies and PYP Coordinator at BIS.

German Language Acquisition Teacher

Arzygul Almasbekovna

Ms Arzygul has a bachelor degree in German Language and Linguistics from Kyrgyz National University. While completing her degree she received a scholarship in Universitat Passau in Germany as a participant of the DAAD international exchange program. Prior to university she attended the Kyrgyz-German “SOS Hermann Gmeiner” school in Bishkek. Ms Arzygul enjoys working with children and helping them achieve their dreams through enhancing their education by increasing their knowledge of German language and broadening their outlook on life. Ms Arzygul joined BIS in August 2018.

Mandarin and Russian Language Acquisition Teacher

Saikal A
Saikal Alamanova

Ms Saikal graduated from the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University with a bachelor degree in Public Relations. She then received a scholarship from the Confucius Institute to learn Mandarin at Beihang University in Beijing, followed by a scholarship to complete her Master’s degree in teaching Chinese for speakers of other languages from Tongji University in Shanghai. Ms Saikal joined BIS in August 2019.

Mandarin and Russian Language Acquisition Teacher

Erkeayim Zhekshenalieva

Ms Erkeayim has a Bachelor’s degree from International University of Central Asia and has diverse experience working with children within the Kyrgyz Republic. She taught Mandarin and English in an orphanage in Tokmok and taught English to students of Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Ivanovka school. She worked in the special school of Hong Kong with children who were addicted to drugs. She thinks working with kids is better than working with adults. Kids are open to speaking their minds, being silly, and make the work day so much more interesting. She believes that someday kids whom she teaches will be the people running the country. Ms Erkeayim joined BIS in October 2019.

Japanese Language Acquisition Teacher

Makiko Inaba

Ms Makiko has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Waseda University in Japan. Foreign languages and cultures have always been her passion and she has lived in the United States, South Korea, France, China and the Kyrgyz Republic in pursuit of that passion. She has experience tutoring students ranging from elementary to high school level, and of teaching at publicly funded educational centers in South Korea. Ms Makiko joined BIS in August 2014 and is a much-loved teacher with exceptional skills in education. Ms Makiko has been IB Diploma Programme Coordinator since 2017.

Russian Language Acquisition Teacher

Olga T
Olga Taberna

Ms Olga has a Bachelor’s degree in Russian philology from Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University and a Master of Law from Kyrgyz State Academy of Law. She has taught Russian Language and Literature to high school students at one of the local schools in Bishkek. Ms Olga joined BIS in August 2020.

Kyrgyz Language Acquisition and Host Country Studies Teacher

saikal M
Saikal Maatkerimova

Ms Saikal has a Bachelor of Arts in Archeology and History from the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University. In 2010 she took part in archeological expeditions and in 2015-2016 she taught History of the region to SRAS students. She also has 5 years’ experience of teaching Russian and Kyrgyz as a foreign language. Ms Saikal is currently also studying Kyrgyz Philology at Bishkek Humanitarian University. Ms Saikal joined BIS in October 2017.

Kyrgyz Language Teacher

Nazgul Sultakeeva

Ms Nazgul has a Postgraduate degree in Kyrgyz Philology from Arabaev Kyrgyz State University. She has over 10 years teaching experience in universities in the Kyrgyz Republic and joined BIS in August 2017.

Russian Language and Literature Teacher

Indira Bekkoenova

Ms Indira graduated from the Kyrgyz National University, where she studied Russian philology. She has extensive experience teaching Russian language and literature to school and university students. She joined the BIS team in 2013 and loves the warm and friendly environment.

Russian Language and Literature Teacher

Nazgul K
Nazgul Kakelova

Ms Nazgul has a Degree in Teaching Russian Language from the Kyrgyz State National University and over 20 years teaching experience in schools in the Kyrgyz Republic. Ms Nazgul joined BIS in August 2016.

Learning Diversity & Inclusion, and Language Acquisition Assistant​

Aikel BIS 2020-21
Aikel Tashtanbaeva

Ms Aikel has a degree in English Language and Literature from the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University and a Master’s degree in Linguistics from the Social Sciences Institution in Kyrgyz Turkish Manas University. Previously, she has worked in the Bishkek Turkish Secondary School as an ESL teacher, as well as in private language schools and courses. For her “Teaching is learning twice”, as she believes that children are the ones from whom adults should always learn to love and be happy. Ms Aikel joined BIS in November, 2020.

ELA Teacher & Library Support Assistant​

Aidem Baketaeva
Ms Aidem graduated from the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic with a degree in Public Administration. Since 2016 she has worked for non-governmental organizations working with young people of different ages. In 2019 she volunteered as an English teacher in South Korea in 2019. Ms Aydem joined BIS in November 2020.

ECA Coordinator; Houses Coordinator

Bojana Askovic
Ms Bojana has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Masters Degree in Marketing and Public Relations from the University of Belgrade. She is also a qualified physiotherapist. Ms Bojana founded a local youth NGO in Serbia and she has worked as Head of the Department for Education in local municipality in Serbia organizing educational, cultural and sports programs.  Ms Bojana joined BIS in August 2019 and is responsible for the school ECA program and coordinating House competitions between students.


Irina Pak
Ms Irina has a Master’s Degree in Russian Language and Literature from Kyrgyz National University. She has 19 years’ experience in library services, first with the National Library of the Kyrgyz Republic as senior librarian in the computer technologies department, then with the American University of Central Asia (AUCA) as electronic service librarian. Ms Irina is also the Executive Director of the ‘Library and Information Consortium of the Kyrgyz Republic’ and country licensing coordinator of the project ‘Electronic Information for Libraries -elFL’. Ms Irina joined BIS in 2019.

Learning Resources Explorer & Guide

Gulbara Passport Size
Gulbara Akunova
Ms Gulbara has a Bachelor’ degree of English Language Teacher from Bishkek Humanities University. During her study she experienced two exchange programs in the USA and China. From September 2019 to August 2020 Gulbara worked as a Reference and Instruction Specialist in the American University in Central Asia Library. Currently she is completing her post graduate study in the field of Central Asian region at The Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Federation in Moscow. Ms Gulbara joined BIS in November 2020 and works in the BIS Library to help students find and explore all of the resources available.