Head of School, Chair of the Management Board


David Grant


Dr Grant is a Co-Founder of BIS and has been involved in all aspects of school development. From 2011-13 he served as Chair of the Governing Board. From April 2014 to September 2015 he joined the school in a management role and rejoined staff in May 2016 as Development Director before serving as Head of School and Chair of the Management Board. Dr Grant has a PhD from the University of Edinburgh and MBA from Henley Management College. He has managed projects in many different sectors in Central Asia for both international development and major private sector investors. His teaching experience includes leading courses in development and economics at the University of Edinburgh and at the OSCE Academy in Bishkek.

Director of Studies


Esther Johnson


Ms Esther graduated with an Honors degree in Russian Studies with French and Spanish from the University of Leeds. She worked for four years at the University of Leeds promoting the study of languages throughout the UK, and has worked as an ELA teacher as well as advising on the reformed Russian GCSE and A-level qualifications in 2016. She trained as a languages teacher in the UK and taught Spanish and French in primary and middle school. Ms Esther joined BIS in August 2019 as Head of Language Acquisition and Spanish Language Teacher and became Director of Studies, with responsibilities across the whole school in summer 2021.

Head of Administration


Mirzat Osmonova


Ms Mirzat graduated from the Kyrgyz National University with a Degree in English Linguistics and Intercultural Communications. She joined the BIS team in 2012 and worked in various roles before her appointment as Head of Administration in 2017. Ms Mirzat has broad responsibility for BIS facilities, operational systems, health, safety and security.

Assistant Head Of School


Jacques Prinsloo


Mr Jacques has a PGCE in Secondary teaching from the University of South Africa, a Diploma in Investment Management from the University of South Africa, a Bachelors in Economics from the University of Pretoria, a Diploma in teaching English as an Additional Language and is currently completing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Illinois. Mr Jacques taught EAL in South Korea for several years before joining BIS in August 2017. Mr Jacques has taken on leadership roles in the school and is IGCSE Coordinator and teacher of Economics and Business Studies in IGCSE.