Grade 5 Yellow Homeroom Teacher


Rebecca Peters


Ms Rebecca has a Post Graduate Certificate of Education from the UK and 12 years’ experience teaching primary students in the UK, Mexico, Montenegro and Spain, before joining the BIS team in summer 2020. She believes that teaching children to read is one of the biggest gifts we can give them and that it’s never too early to start teaching independence. When she’s not teaching, you’ll find her taking long hikes with her two dogs or relaxing on a comfortable chair with a good book.

Grade 5 Yellow Co-Teacher


Elina Ignatova


Ms Elina graduated from the Faculty of Linguistics and Translation of Chelyabinsk State University, Russia, then worked in Bishkek as a private tutor with international students of different ages. Ms Elina joined BIS as a Co-Teacher in summer 2018 and worked for two years before taking maternity leave. She returned in later 2022 as Co-Teacher in Grade 5.

Grade 5 Blue Homeroom Teacher


Rona Butler


Ms Rona graduated from the UCLA with a degree in Political Science, and later trained as a teacher. She has worked in South Korea as both an English language teacher and for 10 years as a teacher trainer for the Seoul Metropolitan Education Training Institute. During that time, she completed her Post Graduate Diploma at the University of Birmingham. After leaving South Korea, Ms Rona taught primary students in a research center for autism at Youngstown State University, Ohio. Ms Rona joined BIS as a Homeroom Teacher in summer 2018.

Grade 5 Blue Co-Teacher

Adele Antheunissens

Adele Antheunissens


Ms Adele has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Saint-Louis University, Belgium and is currently completing a degree in International and Comparative Politics at the American University of Central Asia. Prior to university she attended French schools in Uzbekistan and Belgium. Ms Adele speaks six languages and joined the BIS team in August 2020.

Grade 4 Yellow Homeroom Teacher


Shelley King


Ms Shelley has a Postgraduate Certificate in Education as well as a Master’s Degree in Social Science from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. She has taught in South Korea, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Her broad experience has enabled her to value inclusivity and diversity. Ms Shelley is passionate about empowering children with knowledge, skills, opportunities, and motivation to become lifelong learners. In her spare time, she enjoys reading novels and watching documentaries. Ms Shelly joined the BIS team in summer 2021.

Grade 4 Yellow Co-Teacher


Meerim Tashtanova


Ms Meerim graduated from the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research with a degree in Journalism. During her studies at KIMEP, she studied in South Korea and the Netherlands as an exchange student. Ms Meerim taught English language in kindergarten and at a language school for children and adults. Also, she taught Russian language to university students. In her spare time, she loves volunteering, hiking, playing table football and singing. Ms Meerim joined the BIS team in November 2022.

Grade 4 Blue Homeroom Teacher


Ana Marie Alcala


Ms Ana Marie obtained a bachelor’s degree in Biology and a teaching certificate in Special Education in the Philippines. In addition, she has a certificate in teaching English as a foreign Language from TEFL-C Teachers College, Columbia University. She has taught in primary schools in the Philippines, Tajikistan, China, Latvia and Tanzania before joining BIS in summer 2022. Ms Ana Marie is committed to maximizing individual student performance, inspiring student’s interest in learning and instilling a sense of self-worth among students.

Grade 4 Blue Co-Teacher


Aisedep Sydykova


Ms Aisedep graduated from Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University with a degree in International Relations with part of the course and internship completed in Turkey. She has worked as a tutor for both English and Turkish, as a language teacher for children in an education center, and as English Teacher at a private preschool in Bishkek. Ms Aisedep joined BIS in August 2019 and is currently studying part-time for her Masters in Education at the American University of Central Asia.

Grade 3 Yellow Homeroom Teacher


Paul Fahede

Mr Paul has a Bachelor of Arts in History, as well as a PGCE from the University of Leeds. He also has a TEFL qualification from the University of Liverpool and a Masters in Education with an emphasis on Special Educational Needs from Liverpool John Moores University. Mr. Paul has taught in his home country of the United Kingdom as well as internationally in Canada, Mongolia, Japan and Malaysia. Mr Paul joined BIS in summer 2022 and is thrilled to be part of the BIS community.

Grade 3 Yellow Co-Teacher


Eva David


Ms Eva has a bachelor degree from the Kyrgyz State Technical University. She has 9 years’ experience working with children from age 3 to 10 including working in an International School in Trondheim, Norway, and in the Kyrgyz Republic. In her spare time, Mrs. Eva enjoys hiking and camping. Mrs. Eva first joined the BIS Preschool team as a Co-teacher in November 2015, and returned in summer 2021 following her international experience. 

Grade 3 Blue Homeroom Teacher


Michaela Kilbridge


Ms Michaela graduated from the University of South-Eastern Norway with a degree in International Teaching for Primary Schools. She has taught in primary schools in Norway, Philippines, Cuba and Canada. Ms Michalea joined the BIS team in summer 2021 as Primary Homeroom Teacher, and following a very successful year she is excited to work with the wide range of students in Grade 3 in 2022/23.

Grade 3 Blue Co-Teacher


Erkinai Abdiakhat kyzy

Ms Erkinai graduated as an English Teacher from Bishkek Humanities University, faculty of European civilization. She joined BIS in August 2019 as a Co-Teacher. Ms Erkinai enjoys working with children and seeing them grow and develop.

Grade 2 Yellow Homeroom Teacher


Oksana Chichilova


Ms Oksana studied the theory and practice of intercultural communication at the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University and has a bachelor honours degree in Linguistics and a British Council certificate of ‘Language Learning and Development in Early Childhood’.  Ms Oksana joined the BIS team in summer 2016 and received UK Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in June 2021. In 2021/22 she started as Homeroom Teacher for Grade 2, and will continue in this role in 2022/23. Ms Oksana enjoys working with children and believes that not only do children learn from their teachers but that teachers also learn new things from their students every day. 

Grade 2 Yellow Co-Teacher


Aike Uralieva


Ms Aike  graduated from the Kyrgyz National University with degree in interpretation/translation. She has been working as an English teacher in an education center from the third year at university. She loves working with children helping them to grow and supporting them. Her goals in teaching are to get students interested and excited about class, inspire them to look forward to learning, and to have fun in class.

Grade 2 Blue Homeroom Teacher


Morgan Chaddreton

Ms Morgan graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County with a B.A. in Modern Languages, Linguistics, and Intercultural Communication. After graduation, she spent a year as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant at Kyrgyz State Technical University in Bishkek. She has been teaching early primary students for the past three years. In her free time, she is usually studying languages, petting dogs, or baking. Ms. Morgan joined the BIS team in summer 2022.

Grade 2 Blue Co-Teacher


Kanykei Tursunalieva

Ms Kanykei graduated from Ala-Too International University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary School Teaching. – After graduation she have worked in different international schools in Bishkek, before joining the BIS team in summer 2022. 

Grade 1 Yellow Homeroom Teacher


Maria Corbett  


Ms Maria graduated from ISAE University of Panama, with a diploma in Primary Years Education. She has 15 years of teaching experience, 7 of which have been in International Baccalaureate schools. She has worked with diverse age groups and has experience as a first-grade and second-grade homeroom teacher, English Language Acquisition (EAL) teacher for early grades and middle school, and Spanish as an Additional Language (SAL) teacher for upper elementary. Her experience in education goes beyond classrooms as an IB Primary Years Programme librarian for 4 years. Ms. Maria joined the BIS team in summer 2022.

Grade 1 Yellow Co-Teacher


Diana Kurbanova

Ms Diana has a Bachelor degree in Educational Psychology from Bishkek Humanities University. She has been working with children since graduating in 2017 and prior to that she was a volunteer in children camps. She truly believes that a happy child is recipe for success. Ms Diana speaks Kyrgyz, Russian, English, and Turkish; and she is currently learning Spanish. In her free time, she like reading. Ms Diana joined BIS as a Primary Co-Teacher in September 2019.

Grade 1 Blue Homeroom Teacher


Begimai Keneshbekova

Ms Begimai graduated from the Bishkek Humanities University and worked as an English teacher in state secondary schools before joining BIS in June 2016. Ms Begimai has excelled in various roles at BIS and received UK Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in June 2021. She has been Preschool Homeroom Teacher from summer 2019 and looks forward to exploring the world with Grade 1 students this year. Ms Begimai very much enjoys working with children and is constantly focused on improving the educational experience of our students.

Grade 1 Blue Co- Teacher


Guldana Murtalieva

Ms Guldana graduated from Bishkek Humanities University, Faculty of European Civilization, as an English Language Teacher, then worked in business organizations in both Bishkek and Qatar, before returning to teach in Bishkek. Ms Guldana joined the BIS team in summer 2021.

Grade 0 Homeroom Teacher


Altynai Isabekova


Ms Altynai has a Bachelor’s degree in Pedagogy from the International University of Central Asia and 8 years’ teaching experience. Before joining BIS, she worked with children in Kyrgyzstan and Vietnam. She believes that early development is very important and has significant influence to children’s future life. Ms Altynai joined BIS as an Inclusive Education Support Teacher and English Language Acquisition Teacher in August 2020 and her exceptional work led to her being appointed as a Primary Homeroom Teacher in summer 2021. Ms Altynai is also completing a part-time Postgraduate Certificate in Education with the University of Nottingham, while teaching at BIS.

Primary students are also taught by specialist teachers following the PYP approach for Art, Dance, Music, Languages and Physical Education.