Air Quality Policy

Bishkek has clean air for most of the summer but air quality deteriorates over the winter as more coal is burnt and cold still air traps pollution in the city. As a school we work with others to improve this situation in the city for everyone but this is a long-term program. In the short term our objective is to protect the health of students in the school now.

To help us achieve this, we have a PurpleAir air quality sensor outside in the playground with real time data. One of our PurpleAir sensors is also near the US Embassy – to compare with the official AQI data from the Embassy sensor. Outside air quality (PM2.5 AQI) is displayed on the main door of the school and Reception, and updated at 9:00, 12:00, and 15:00 to guide staff, students, and parents about outdoor exercise following the BIS AQI policy for outside play.

Inside school, we aim to keep AQI below 50. We have air filters on all air intake systems, we manage window and door open times, and we have air purifiers all around the school. Air purifiers are used during the school day when outside AQI is over 50. You can check online for the real time AQI in the library by clicking on ‘inside sensors’ in the bottom left of the screen. Other rooms are checked by staff using a mobile air quality sensor to maintain the AQI below 50 in all rooms.

AQI policy for outside play