BIS has recognised the positive impact Drama has on students and is continually building the program. Through individual and collaborative projects, students build their creative fluency, learn about who they are, how they can express themselves, and develop transdisciplinary skills which prepare them for a successful future. 

In Elementary School, Drama is part of the school curriculum for all G4 and G5 students. In addition to building a foundation of acting techniques and dramatic skills, these students explore being effective communicators, and make direct and conceptual connections to transdisciplinary projects across other disciplines.

In Middle School, Drama is an essential part of the MYP Performing Arts curriculum. The focus of these classes is on Approaches to Learning (ATLs) – the vital 21st Century skills including creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. These skills are developed through such units as: scene-work, improv, playwriting, puppetry, film/media, stage combat, design, and more.

In IGCSE and DP, students are offered Theatre/Drama elective courses as well. 

Students have access to various Drama-based co-curricular activities, which are very popular. Throughout the year are a number of performance opportunities, the biggest being the annual Anniversary Show, in which the majority of students are involved in a musical theatre performance in the Philharmonia Hall. Past shows include Moana, James and the Giant Peach, The Lion King, Wizard of Oz, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, West Side Story, and more. 

Students have the opportunity to participate in the other theatrical productions throughout the year.


At BIS, Art plays a vital part in the school curriculum and encouraging a life-long love of learning and self-expression. The inclusion of art across the school-wide program encourages students to express their ideas, promotes their creativity and stimulate their imagination.  We believe art provides students with an opportunity to work collaboratively and individually, by being supported to problem solve and be aware of not only their immediate environment, but the world around them. We teach fascinating stories about artists and art movements from different histories and cultures.  We deliver art education which aligns with the IB learner profile traits, which allows individual students the opportunity to grow and develop their skills and document their progress over their time at BIS.  Students at BIS are taught varied art making techniques methods, how to use different mediums and most importantly, learn the skills to be able discuss and critique the work they are making, and reflective and refine on what they are creating.  Students are given the opportunity to show their work not only in the art studio, we hold small exhibitions and displays of their work around the school, which often causes great delight and lively conversations by students seeing their work on display. We also encourage students to become involved in art ECA’s for specialised art classes such as the theatre sets and prop making class for our annual Anniversary show, and become involved in the yearly BIS Art and Poetry exhibition. 


Dance is an essential artistic element in cultures around the world and is a valued part of the student experience at BIS. All Pre School and Elementary students take Dance as part of the PYP Performing Arts curriculum. As individuals, students explore the use of their bodies to respond to music and express themselves. They develop important collaborative and communication skills through small and large group dances and learn how various cultures around the world have developed creative forms of dance, building an understanding of different perspectives. 

In addition to the artistic growth students experience through dance, they also benefit from the physical development, which is an integral part of the art form. A typical dance class will include a warm up, stretching and development of a dance project. Structure and patterns are discussed regarding the choreography and whenever possible, students make connections to their current PYP Transdisciplinary Theme. While students are challenged and stimulated through these dance projects, lessons also include dance games, which while fun, also develop additional “soft” life skills including tolerance, communication and cooperation (ATLs).

There are a number of opportunities for students to experience the joy of dance performance throughout the year, including a cultural celebrations such as Nooruz and Asia Day. The biggest event is our annual Anniversary Show, where dance is an essential element of each show.


Here at BIS, music is an essential part of students’ whole education. Our rich program is focused on engagement and enjoyment – students develop skills and understanding through singing, movement, dancing, listening and playing instruments. They are encouraged to be curious and critical thinkers, learning key elements of music and vocabulary for discussing and responding to music from a number of cultures, in turn developing their awareness of different perspectives. One of the most valuable elements of our music classes is collaboration – students at BIS experience many forms of this, from small to large groups in many cultural contexts, performing at events such as Asia Day, Nooruz and our annual Anniversary Show. Most importantly although is enjoyment of music – whether through performing, active listening, movement and dancing, composing or researching, our goal is to instill a lifelong love of music to all students.