Learning diversity and inclusion

BIS supports the provision of inclusive education and welcomes all students without regard to exceptional ability or disability or special educational needs, provided that there are good prospects of meeting the student’s needs without unduly prejudicing the education and welfare of other students. Within this general philosophy, as a relatively new and small non-profit community school, BIS has limited resources to support students with significant disability or with specialised educational needs at this time.

BIS has many experienced educators who are used to dealing with students of varied ability and backgrounds. All educators provide differentiated learning according to a student’s ability and this is facilitated by small class sizes and Co-Teachers in each preschool and primary class. Differentiated learning acknowledges that:

  • Students have different educational and learning needs, abilities, profile and aspirations;
  • Students gain knowledge and skills at different rates through different learning styles;
  • Students are all capable and unique and are lifelong learners;
  • Differentiation and building on existing skills promotes effective learning.

BIS has an Learning Diversity and Inclusion Team, comprising a full-time Learning Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator, School Counsellor, and part-time Inclusive Education Support, with part-time input from other BIS staff with learning diversity and inclusion experience. This team is available to assist in student assessment and the design of Individual Education Programmes (IEP), however they do not have all the professional skills required to cover all potential students, hence external professionals may be required in some cases. In these cases, BIS will either recommend that parents organise such assessment themselves or that parents cover the cost of external assessment if arranged by BIS.

The physical premises at BIS are designed to support a wide range of students and can accommodate wheelchair access on all floors of the main building.