School Transitions at Bishkek International School

At Bishkek International School, we recognize the unique challenges faced by cross cultural kids and students transitioning between schools or even between different sections of our institution. Our mission is to built on an unwavering commitment to ensuring smooth, supportive, and seamless transitions for every student.

Holistic Approach to Transitioning:
Understanding that transition is not just about changing classrooms or buildings, but also about adapting to new cultural, social, and academic environments, we have developed a holistic approach. From Preschool to Primary, Primary to Middle, and Middle to High School, every phase is marked by its unique set of experiences, challenges, and milestones. Our specialized transition programs are designed to respect and address these nuances.

Support for Cross Cultural Kids:
Being a cross cultural kid is a journey of rich experiences, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. Adapting to new cultures, making new friends, and sometimes even learning a new language can be daunting. At BIS, we provide specialized counseling sessions, mentorship meetings, and integration activities. This not only ensures that our cross cultural students feel understood and supported, but also fosters a sense of belonging.

Collaborative Effort:
Our teachers, counselors, and administrative staff collaborate closely to monitor and support students’ transition phases. Regular meetings and feedback sessions with parents are organized to ensure everyone is on the same page. Our aim is to create a cocoon of care and understanding around every transitioning student, ensuring they feel seen, heard, and supported.

At Bishkek International School, every transition, whether it’s moving from one section to another or adapting as a cross cultural kid, is treated with the importance and attention it deserves. Because at the heart of our school is the well-being and success of every single student.

For more information please read Transition Statement of Practice