Following COVID-19 lockdown and remote learning from March 16th 2020 to summer 2020, as required by Kyrgyz Government order, BIS opened for in-school, in-person learning, for Preschool up to Grade 1 on August 24th 2020, and for all grades by October 2020. Our COVID-19 Protocol for 2020/21 was effective in allowing the school to operate in-person, with very few days lost to remote learning, numerous school events held, and all exams conducted for Cambridge IGCSE in Grade 10 and IB Diploma Programme in Grade 12.

Based on our in-school experience during 2020/21, and changes in the levels of illness and immunity in Bishkek compared to summer 2020, the COVID-19 Protocol is revised for October 2021: COVID-19 Protocol October 2021 This Protocol is compliant with Kyrgyz Government regulations and is based on BIS experience as well as information from international and national health agencies.

BIS is fully open for all students from the first day of term on August 23rd 2021, in line with the conditions stated in our COVID-19 Protocol October 2021 BIS will operate at Level 1 of this protocol until further notice.