BIS is a liberal secular non-profit school with transparent governance and operations. We have no major donor or sponsor and as a non-profit public foundation we have no investor. School fees pay for education costs or are invested in improving the school or to help provide scholarships. Our strict ethics policy means that we do not pay bribes and we pay all taxes, hence we currently pay 60% of all of the taxes paid by all international schools in Bishkek. Our tax payments help to pay for education in state schools so that all children benefit.

Providing excellent education is the only reason for BIS to exist, which is why we also invest in scholarships for able students who are unable to afford school fees. Fifty percent of current high school students are scholarship students, with 50% to 90% discount from school fees. We are currently seeking benefactors who wish to invest in scholarships for disadvantaged students or who wish to sponsor a major new campus development to transform education for all students.  If you are interested in being part of this adventure by sponsoring scholars or new school development, please contact the Head of School, David Grant via