While being within central Bishkek, the actual school location is in a quiet residential area well away from the traffic fumes and other dangers of major roads. This is a wonderful safe place for children to spend the day.
One of the main reasons for choosing this site was the large outdoor play area. We have a full-size outdoor basketball court, a real grass field, and an adventure playground with treehouses, zipline and climbing walls, giving students space and variety to enjoy themselves at break times.
All buildings and facilities are designed and constructed for strong earthquake standards, fire safety and student security. Winter heating has back-up options, including a generator for the occasional power outages.
School teaching facilities include:

  • Eight Primary Homeroom classrooms
  • Ten Specialist Teaching Rooms
  • Music Room
  • Art Room
  • Makerspace
  • Library/Resources Room for Primary
  • Library/Resources Room for Middle/High School
  • Study Room for Diploma Students
  • Dance & Drama Hall
  • Large multi-purpose hall for indoor sports and school performances
  • Three Science Laboratories
  • Full kitchen to serve the preschool/early primary dining room and the main school café
  • Three preschool classrooms for different age groups
  • A dedicated outdoor playground for Preschool

We continue to develop and improve the current facilities with renovation and new development every summer. We are also planning a new campus development to open in summer 2022 or 2023 to expand the facilities available for students.


“NUESTRO COLEGIO… ¡EN ESPAÑOL“! – MYP Students describe the school in Spanish

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