Preschool Team

Head of Preschool and Preschool 3 Homeroom Teacher


Carmen Prinsloo


Ms Carmen graduated from the North West University of South Africa with a BA in Education in Foundation Phase learning, is a certified teacher at the South African Council of Educators and is accredited to teach Foundation Phase. Ms Carmen worked in international preschools in both South Africa and South Korea for 4 years prior to joining BIS in summer 2017 as Head of Preschool and has led our Preschool from strength to strength. 

Preschool 3 Co-Teacher


Eva David


Ms Eva has a bachelor degree from the Kyrgyz State Technical University. She has 9 years’ experience working with children from age 3 to 10 including working in an International School in Trondheim, Norway, and in the Kyrgyz Republic. In her spare time, Mrs. Eva enjoys hiking and camping. Mrs. Eva first joined the BIS Preschool team as a Co-teacher in November 2015, and returned in summer 2021 following her international experience. 

Preschool 2 Homeroom Teacher


Begimai Keneshbekova


Ms Begimai graduated from the Bishkek Humanities University and worked as an English teacher in state secondary schools before joining BIS in June 2016. At BIS she has excelled in various roles, including as Preschool Homeroom Teacher since summer 2019. She very much enjoys working with the children at BIS and is constantly focused on improving the educational experience of our students. Ms Begimai graduated from the UK Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) programme in June 2021.

Preschool 2 Co-Teacher


Zharkyn Oskonbaeva


Ms Zharkyn graduated from the University J.A. Alyshbaeva. After graduation, she worked in the State Tax Service, then in the State Enterprise “Kyrgyz Pochtasy”, and the Commercial Bank “Kyrgyzstan”. Since then she has worked with children as she says “they fill her with freshness, joy, new discoveries, wisdom, and happiness”.  Ms Zharkyn likes that preschool children help her be constantly on the move, and she always finds joy in the smile of a child!

Preschool 1 Homeroom Teacher


Tinatin Oskombaeva

Ms Tinatin has a degree in Linguistics from the Kyrgyz State Universit and has worked in Austria as an Au Pair and studied at the Handels Academy where she learned German. She also holds a certificate in Child Psychology. Ms Tinatin joined BIS in 2015 and has worked in both Preschool and Primary School before becoming a Preschool Homeroom Teacher in summer 2021. 

Preschool 1 Co-Teacher

Ms Gulya

Kulkaiyr Junusheva


Ms Kulkaiyr has many years of experience in childcare and education and is the longest serving member of BIS teaching staff,– having joined in 2012 as a Preschool Teacher Assistant. Over the last eight years, Ms Kulkaiyr has shown just how well she cares for our youngest students as she communicates so well and enjoys spending time with them.

Preschool 1 Co-Teacher


Zhyldyz Herrero Requena


Ms Zhyldyz graduated from the Kyrgyz State Law Academy with a degree in jurisprudence. She has been living in Italy for 5 years, where she attended language courses and worked part-time as a babysitter with children from 2.5 to 6 years old. Ms Zhyldyz joined BIS in December 2021.

Preschool 1 Co-Teacher

Nurzat Osmonova

Nurzat Rayymbekovna


Ms Nurzat graduated from the Kyrgyz National University and has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, as well as a one-year course “Small and Medium Business Accountant” from the School of Economics of KNU. Her work experience includes: call center operator, sales manager. She loves interacting with children and is interested in various parenting information. Miss Nurzat joined BIS in January 2022.

Preschool students are also taught by specialist teachers following the PYP approach for Art, Dance and Physical Education.