Celebrating Student Achievements!

BIS has a new mural! 

Inspired by our P4 Remote Learners’ work with local artist Ruslan Lyu, BIS asked Ruslan to work on a piece for our walls that would celebrate our students’ achievements. Whilst we have been celebrating our students’ Caring, Principled and Reflective actions in assemblies over the past year, we want to make an explicit effort to ensure all students from Preschool to DP have a chance for their positive actions to be celebrated – even if they don’t fall into CPR. We are therefore adding two more categories to the weekly awards to incorporate all the IB Learner Profile: BROC awards and KTI awards.
From this semester, students may be awarded for being Caring, Principled and Reflective (CPR), Balanced Risk Takers who are Open Minded Communicators (BROC) or Knowledgeable, Thinkers and Inquirers (KTI). As with our CPR awards, nominations can be made by staff members on a weekly basis, though if you – as a student, parent or wider community member – have a nomination, please message myself, a programme coordinator or Mr Darren, our Head of Student Welfare, with your nomination and reasoning. 

I am proud to announce that this week the following students received our very first CPR, BROC and KTI awards of 2021:

CPR: Ali Powers (Primary 3)

KTI: Aruna Ababakirova (Preschool 2), Selim Chargynov (Primary 3S), Elliott Chamberlain (IGCSE 1), Aizhigit
Mamatov (DP1)
BROC: Nursamad Nurbaev (Primary 4L)

Our Primary School students continued to be celebrated for weekly achievements in the homeroom setting! Well done to all those that
stood out this week for making an exceptional effort in the first school week of 2021!

Krisha Gandhi, Director of Studies