Field trips!

On the morning of the 9th of September, DP1 Students departed for a 2 day trip to Naryn! On the first half of the very first day, students paid a visit to Kochkor Village, where they saw and became familiar with national Shyrdak production. One of the craftswomen gave a brief introduction to the students about Shyrdak and national patterns.
Later on, students moved into the cozy guesthouse where they got a few minutes of comfortable relaxation. Mr. Andrew and Ms. Nina along with the guide took the students on a walk around the capital city of the Naryn Region. Everyone was involved and found out about the history of the city and visited interesting local sights. When evening came around, the supervisors entertained the students with many different board games where they could find out more about each other and bond together as a group.

Meanwhile grade 6 was enjoying their overnight trip in Issyk-Kul region. 

“I really enjoyed the whole trip, but I want to mention that most of all I liked swimming in the Issyk Kul; even though the water was very cold, I easily got used to it. I also very enjoyed Kyrgyz national music, I think it was the best traditional music in my life, they played komyz, vargan and other traditional music instruments. Also there was a small girl playing the Komuz who that was younger but ten times better than me.”
Veronica, Grade 6 Student

“The trip was extremely fun. One of the best parts of the trip was the eagle hunting. We really enjoyed watching the eagle fly and see the Taigan run very fast. The horse riding was very fun and we went very far and it was a great experience. Thanks a lot for the trip, BIS.” Abai Amanaliev