New Faces at BIS: Ms. Pamela

This southern girl is finally out in the world!

My name is Pamela Reed and I joined the science department as a Biology teacher in August of 2020. Since joining BIS, the most rewarding part has been the students. I have never experienced such a joyful group of kids! Of course, my colleagues are a close second. BIS has awarded me the opportunity to begin my career as an international educator. Since this is my first time in Kyrgyzstan, I’ve tried to explore the country as often as possible. The mountains in Kyrgyzstan are quite different from the plains I left in Texas. I’m currently here with my two cats, Nolan and Riley. When I’m not busy on campus, you can find me scoping out restaurants or working on projects around the house. I like to consider myself as a “jack of all trades, yet a master of none.” Biology has been a “way of life” for as long as I can remember. It led me to a broad range of research during my time at Georgia State University
and China Medical University. I am genuinely impressed at the
biodiversity present in Kyrgyzstan; it’s always exciting to get out and
explore nature!

Ms. Pamela, Biology & Science Teache