Last Friday was Languages in our Lives at BIS. It was a chance to highlight the many languages that make part of our school community. We celebrated languages we already know well and languages we are learning.
There were also chances to learn about other languages in our school community and even try them out through fun lessons and activities. Read on to discover all the fun we had! Preschool and Primary students had a wonderful opportunity to have “language taster” sessions held by parent and teacher volunteers. All PYP classes had short sessions on two of: Finnish, Icelandic, German, Afrikaans, Turkish, Urdu, Korean, Sign Language, Polish, Mandarin and Welsh.  In the Middle School, students taught their peers Finnish, German, Hawaiian, Korean, Khorezmsky, Japanese, Kyrgyz, Nepali, Turkish, Turkmen and Urdu. MYP students enjoyed a special assembly with presentations, hands-on activities, tongue twister and poems in different languages. Preschool and Primary students participated in the language-themed scavenger hunt to match flags and languages hidden around the school. Everyone had a challenge of asking for their morning snack in a different language! Students dresses up in national costumes for house points.

Ms Elvira, Mr Tim and the Language Acquisition team