Winter Sports Day

Next Friday 29th January is Winter Sports Day at BIS! This is not a competitive sports day, but just a fun time for enjoying
the outdoors and the snow.
Preschool, Primary 1 and Primary 2 will stay at school. At BIS there will be additional times outside with Winter Games
as well as indoor winter activities organized by the Winter Sports Day team. Please make sure all students are well dressed for playing outside on Friday 29th January, and if you have a sled you could lend to the school for one day, please do so. Primary 3 to High School will go to Chunkurchak for a day of skiing, snowboarding or sledding.
Permission slips are to be returned by 17:30 on Tuesday, January 26th. Payments can be made by
students to our Accountant on the main campus or by parents to our Cashier in the External Reception.

Mr. Zeljko, Athletics Director and PE Teacher