Learning about voice

In Primary School, each homeroom had a chance to reflect on the qualities that made a worthy student council representative. Each class democratically decided on how to decide for their representative: who to vote for, how many votes were fair, and how to conduct the presentation of candidates. Some classes, like P5, even made posters and campaigned for themselves! In P3, children listed the representative as being aligned with our IB Learner Profile Traits stating the qualities of a student council member needing to be a risk-taker, responsible, helpful, principled, and respectful. It was a tense time this morning in P6 as the class voted for their class representative. After the first round of voting, the six original candidates were whittled down to just two. Dasha and Matilda both then had another opportunity to persuade the class why they were the best choice before the final vote. 

Dasha and Matilda congratulated each other, supported each other and wished each other well, and I believe both would have been an excellent choice. It was an incredibly close contest but, in the end, Dasha won the vote. Well done to everyone who put themselves in the running, and especially well done to Dasha! 

Ms Moni, P3 Teacher