Here at BIS, we often talk about lifelong learning, and enjoy knowing that we all have areas to grow and develop – no matter our age. Many of our community members know that we also have a thriving languages department in which our students have access to English, Russian, Kyrgyz, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Japanese and German. Last year, we even offered a Portuguese ECA!
What students and parents may not know is that language learning is something that is available to our BIS staff members too. For several years, we have been offering English, Russian and Kyrgyz classes on a weekly basis to enthusiastic linguists in our team.
Over the past few months, I have had the pleasure of working with our whole Kitchen Team – each of whom are eager and committed to developing their language skills. Using a series of strategies influenced by our IB approaches, our team have spent the last few months working on Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Our team have used role play strategies to practice encounters in the city including shops and restaurants, they have worked in groups to build communication and collaboration skills, and they have even practiced presenting to each other to develop confident public speaking in English.
I am so proud of Gulnara, Duishen, Aigul, Tolgonai, Aida K, Elmira, Nurjan, Elmira and Aida for all they have achieved in their English so far, and for modelling to our community how much fun lifelong learning can be.

Krisha Gandhi, PYP Coordinator and Director of Studies