To say the least, the play was successful. Everybody did a wonderful job in terms of character portrayal and overall the performances were smooth. Unlike the anniversary show where there was less focus on acting and a huge emphasis on the musical component, this theatre experience was heavily reliant on everybody’s actorial abilities which shone through really well throughout the performances. This was not only a CASworthy experience, but also one where each of us managed to connect with the other cast members and form a weird, sometimes crazy, sleep-deprived and endlessly enjoyable community. Notable moments include forgetting lines, forgetting entrances, forgetting props, forgetting to show up at rehearsals and, of course, actually getting a scene right. All of which are just as memorable as the performances. The performance would not have been possible without all the commitment and hard work from everybody involved, especially Mr. David for his uplifting encouragements, patient guidance and for constantly emphasizing that this is “Not a cult”. I am grateful to have been part of such an amazing cast. Thanks to all of you for making this such a meaningful experience!