PYPX Update! 

Yesterday, Primary 6 students had the pleasure of meeting with guest speaker, Veronique Garrett, to learn more about different disabilities.  The students engaged in a variety of activities to consider and reflect on what having a disability may feel like, and to think about how the environment around us can be more inclusive for those who have disabilities.

Following the session, P6 students reflected on their workshop:

‘Disabled people are also humans, they also have feelings, there is no reason we should discriminate against them or not include them in society.’

‘People are equal and some people have disabilities. That is OK and they have to be treated well.’

‘Today I got more into the theme of disabilities, and better understood that people need lots of patience, time and attention.’

Following the workshop, Veronique informed our students about a new campaign she is leading in Kyrgyzstan: March 21 – International Day of People with Down Syndrome.  

This date – the twenty-first day of the third month – was not chosen by chance.  People with Down syndrome have three copies of chromosome twenty-one instead of two.  This syndrome was first described by the English physician John Langdon Down, whose name is used in the name of this chromosomal condition. On this day, various events are held around the world aimed at raising awareness of this syndrome.

This year Kyrgyzstan is joining the #LotsOfSocks international campaign.

Kyrgyz manufacturer of socks “Lucky socks” in cooperation with the Public Foundation of Parents of Children with Down Syndrome “Santerra”, wife of the British Ambassador to the Kyrgyz Republic and mother of daughter with Down syndrome and inclusive cafe “Solomon Sandwich” announce a flash mob, the essence of which is to post on social networks a photo of themselves wearing odd socks in the coolest and most imaginative way from March 20-27.  Thus, we will show that, although we are all different, we are all equal! 

BIS will be joining this campaign one day early on March 19th in support of Down Syndrome Awareness! Mr David was so excited to hear about this community action, he’s already put on his odd socks! 

Krisha Gandhi Director of Studies and PYP Coordinator