Taigans in Tashkent

BIS’ basketball teams did really well at the CABC 2024 tournament. They showed great skill and determination during the five days, including three days of tough games and two days of travel. All four of our teams improved significantly from last year.  

The U15 boys’ team did a good job and secured 3rd place, demonstrating great teamwork and skills. Eight players will move up next year, bringing their quality to the U19 boys. 

The U15 girls’ team also earned 3rd place, proving they are just as competitive and dedicated to the game. This team will also lose its best players as they join the U19 team next year. 

The U19 girls’ team performed even better, achieving an impressive 2nd place and contributing to our school’s success. The most important thing is that we gained many players ready to share the burden on their backs instead of expecting it from just one player. 

The U19 boys’ team faced tough competition but still finished 4th, showing resilience and sportsmanship. Last year, they were 8th. 

In total, our school’s basketball teams played 26 games and won 14 of them. This puts our school among the top three schools overall, along with TSIS and TIS.  Not only did our teams perform well on the court, but they also showed great discipline off the court, both in games and at the hotel. This information came from the hotel receptionist on our last day. 

It reflects positively on the character and values of our athletes.  Overall, BIS’ basketball teams made us really proud at CABC 2024. Their dedication, sportsmanship, and improvement from last year show the hard work of both players and coaches. Congratulations to everyone involved for their excellent performance! 

Mr. Zeljko, Head of PE Department