Last Wednesday-Friday, Mr. David and Ms. Aziza took 8 students to the Almaty World Music Festival 2023 at QSI Almaty. One hundred students, representing five schools from Almaty, Astana, Haiphong, Shenzhen and
Bishkek were in attendance. Betty, Irem, Lily, Raiana, and Lana formed the rock band and performed a few short songs to a lot of adoring fans.
Nelya, Asiia, and Aiana were part of a larger joint orchestra, which Mr. David conducted.
Asiia also played a beautiful solo piano performance. Between rehearsals and performances, our students mingled with the other music students, and attended workshops hosted by different teachers. We also spent
the evenings relaxing in the city. Mr. David hosted an AI in Music workshop, while Ms. Aziza led some singing workshops.
We were all very impressed with the talents and welcoming approach from the other schools, and the performances they brought to the festival.

We are very happy to be able to share our own students’ musical talents with the wider community and collaborate with other schools. Performing Arts is a necessary and enriching part of any students’ growth and development.
David Lien, Head of Performing Arts Department