Graduations Galore!

This week we celebrated three graduations ceremonies at BIS! On Thursday we celebrated our DP2 students, the class of 2019 and our second ever graduating class! 

The graduation ceremony, which took place in the Big Hall, was well attended by family, friends, teachers and guests who gathered to celebrate the fantastic achievements of our students. Following opening remarks by Chair of the Governing Board, Hugh Salmon, IGCSE2 students received certificates for completing the Cambridge IGCSE programme and Grade 11 students who completed state examinations were presented with the Kyrgyz certificate secondary education. 

Four individual awards were also given to students from our graduating class in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the school community: the Service Distinction was awarded to Sergelen Jacobs; the Leadership Distinction was awarded to Alina Baekova; the Global Citizen Distinction was awarded to Aibek Kabyken and two students, Mackenzie Scheer and Dastan Tursaliev, were named Valedictorians. Mackenzie and Dastan both delivered a Valedictorian speech congratulating their classmates and reflecting on memorable moments from their time together. 

An inspiring Commencement Address was delivered in Kyrgyz and English by Roza Otunbayeva, former President of the Kyrgyz Reublic. In her speech, Roza reflected on her own educational journey and spoke of what the future holds in store for our students. Following this, His Excellency Donald Lu, US Ambassador to the Kyrgyz Republic gave a Graduation Address which served as a powerful reminder of the value of education and the keys it gives us to opening many doors. Finally, our graduating students received their High School Diplomas for completing the rigorous IBDP programme. Each student then processed out of the hall to a standing ovation and a piece of music of their choice, before joining family and friends outside for a reception. The ceremony was a wonderful celebration of our students, their achievements and the lasting impact they have had on all at BIS. 

Our thanks go to MCs Sabira and Jibran, DP2 parents Mindy and Nazira for all their hard work and support in organising the pre-graduation dinner and reception, DP2 teaching staff for their ongoing commitment to supporting our students and of course our class of 2019, of whom the whole BIS Community is immensely proud.