IB Diploma Programme Update

We are delighted to welcome 25 students into the Class of 2021’ which will be the largest graduating class in BIS history, and a big jump from the 14 students in the ‘Class of 2020’ who will graduate in June 2020. With more students in DP, we have expanded the courses we offer to include Chemistry and Music for the first time, and created a new quiet ‘café style’ balcony for DP students to study. It is not all study, as DP students have also been seen refreshing their minds, running around tree houses and using the big slide when younger students are in lessons! 

 One more change is that we will offer parents and guardians the chance to approve their child for flexible attendance at school so that students can leave the campus if they don’t have scheduled lessons or meetings. This is to allow DP students to study wherever they are most efficient, but it is also a privilege that will be withdrawn if classes or assignments are missed. DP2 students will have this option from next week and DP1 students from next term. 

                                                                                                  Ms Makiko, DP Coordinator