On Tuesday May 18th, MYP3 students presented their Community Project that they had been working on for many months. Some students taught children with special needs how to make bracelets. Others designed kits to pick up trash, highlighted sexism or collected donations for rural schools. And there was much more too! 

Donation Drive
For our community project, we (Anel and Aglaia MYP3) decided to organize a donation drive within our school community. We aimed to collect clothing, shoes, long-lasting food, toys, and hygiene products to then donate it to the Kyrgyz Red Crescent. Thanks to the help of the BIS community, we collected a substantial amount of donations, all of which went to a great cause. Thank you all! All the donations went to the material support of people in need (poor people, homeless, financially struggling, etc.) This was an amazing experience from which we both learned so much. We developed our ATL skills (Thinking, Social, Communication, Self-Management, and Research),
expanded our understanding of social work, a creative approach to work and a responsible attitude to things. We had a few issues (mostly communication), namely misunderstandings during planning and when sending out emails. However, in the end, we came through with new experiences and knowledge.
Anel and Aglaia, MYP3 Students