‘I remember the first day, I didn’t even know what
PYPX was. However, I started to understand at the
end and I succeeded. PYPX on my last day was very
challenging and exciting. I had fun!’
Sanghoon (Leo)

‘I was very stressed and I was really worried I was
really not in a good mood, but I think I did well.’

‘I thought at the last week of PYPX that I was very
hard and I was nervous because I thought I might
have a very bad grade.’

‘The exhibition was hard. When people started to
come up to me I was anxious and scared and I
thought it would not be interesting for anyone. In
the end two girls came to me and it seemed like
they were interested in my topic and I very much
appreciated it and I think I did well.’

‘The PYPX was AMAZING. I enjoyed it a lot even
though it was hard. First I thought it would be really
scary, but when it ended I was really relieved.’