On February 25th, BIS celebrated the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Fair. Many teachers and students were dressed up in costumes representing STEM in our lives.
In the afternoon, the MYP students presented their projects to various judges and PYP students. The STEM fair developed the student learner profiles and provided an opportunity for MYP students to showcase their inquiry skills and creative genius. Students also improved their public speaking skills by interacting with preschool, PYP students, and judges. Grade 6 students created organized  experimentsand made eye-catching posters. Independent experimental and research design are what the MYP Sciences is all about! This year there were a variety of intensive experiments.
Grade 7 did a great job of seeking support from multiple teachers to move forward with the experimental processes. Most students took a hands-on approach to STEM Fair and carried out exciting experiments and
model making.
Grade 8 students worked on research/inquiry projects as they were well versed with MYP research design.
The students came up with their own research questions, did background research on the topic, planned their experiments, conducted their experiments following all the safety rules in the lab, and prepared a lab report and a poster. This process of research design gave students an insight into the life of a scientist and developed their spirit of inquiry. The students worked hard and it was wonderful to see so many excellent projects and the judges had a hard time deciding the STEM fair winners.

We are proud of our MYP students for being inquirers, thinkers, communicators and risk-takers! Well done!
            Science Department