Grade 2 students have been talking about deforestation and how it affects all living things such as plants, animals and people. We found out that deforestation is a great problem for Amazon indergenious tribes who
lose their habitat due to deforestation. The children were super sorry and worried for these tribes and shared some ideas of how to solve the problem. Ailin said : “I can donate my extra clothes and send it to these tribes”. Zhan said: “We need to create National Parks where animals and people can live in peace protected by the law”. Jasper offered us to contact the UN organization and send the UN workers to protect people and animals. Nil-Mira was ready to cook some food and share it with the hungry Amazon tribe people.
The students designated the main reason for deforestation – wood extraction. The whole grade went on the scavenger hunt to find the items made of wood
around the school. It appears that lots of furniture is made of wood like shelves in the classroom and in the library, the E-center is covered with wood, and the tree house is wooden!
Coming back to the classroom the children worked on 2 problems – how deforestation affects animals independently and how it affects plants. It was nice to see that they were actively using the classroom library to get the information about deforestation and endangered animals. The greatest part of the projects was about solutions: using alternative materials for creating
furniture like metal or concrete, creating protected areas for people and animals, planting more trees, and informing the UN organizations about these problems.
Ms Oksana, Grade 2B Homeroom Teacher