The P1 and P2 remote learners have been eagerly counting up to the 100th day of school since the start of the
school year. On Tuesday, they celebrated reaching it with a variety of fun activities. Elon and Atlas in P1 reflected on how they learned their ABCs, how to read, and how to measure and compare objects during their first 100 days of school. In a creative writing activity, Soren from P2 wished for 100 Shadow Knights to keep people safe. The P3 students joined in on the fun as well! Aiyesha said she would like to see 100 waves crashing, while Selim said he would like to hear them. Theo thought he would enjoy tasting 100 chocolates, but not 100 Brussels sprouts. Everyone had a fun. At the same time P1 was celebrating 100th day at the school. They counted 100 snacks, played 100 themed games, read books about numbers, and did many more activities! 
They’re all excited to see what the rest of the school year has in store for them!